Learn Gemara with enthusiasm and depth like in your Yeshiva days!

The Virtual Chabura, led by Rav Eli Pielet, is going strong in our 11th year of activity.
We will be learning the 4th Perek of Yevamos starting in the first week of Elul (August 20).
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Rav Pielet on the computer

The Program

The Virtual Chabura provides an intensive but flexible framework to encourage college students and professionals to continue learning Gemara in depth. The program, led by Rav Eli Pielet of Yeshivat Yishrei Lev, has experienced great success and is now in its eleventh year. The program involves independent learning which is enhanced by a marei mekomos booklet prepared by Rav Pielet. The pace is an amud per week, each person choosing his own times and location (2-4 hours per week recommended). We ‘meet’ via web conference for a weekly chabura given alternately by Rav Pielet and the participants. New participants are always welcome to join.


join a chabura?

Listen to the Chafetz Chaim’s 4 reasons why you should learn as part of a chabura.


will The Virtual Chabura help to bring back your chiyus in learning?

Listen to ‘How to get chiyus from your learning’.

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participates in the program?

The program has over 20 members participating on a regular basis. The participants range from college students to established professionals.


do the participants live?

We have had participants throughout 5 countries and numerous cities, including 8 different college campuses.


does the chabura meet?

Participants learn independently throughout the week at their own convenience. The weekly chabura via web-conference takes place on Sunday afternoon at 12:15 PM (NY time).

What do the participants say about The Virtual Chabura?

Learning in The Virtual Chaburah has allowed me to learn on  a level and in a format that I have not had since leaving Sha’alvim ten years ago and rekindled a spark in my learning that had begun to fade.  I am greatful to Rav Pielet and Yeshivat Sha’alvim for this wonderful program and their continued efforts to keep it going.

Jeremy Meisel, Attorney

The greatest benefit that I get from participation in the program is that it gives me a structured Yeshiva-style framework in which to learn with a group, in a way that fits well with my required class and work schedules. I joined the Chabura as an undergraduate student at University of Maryland, and continued as a participant through graduate school and beyond.

Moshe Katz, Ph.D., Software Architect

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